LBT Enterprises Ltd. / Prime Marine Services Inc. manufactures, sells and distributes the Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter globaly.


Leon Trudeau, President of LBT Enterprises Ltd., was born and raised in St. Annes Manitoba, Canada. After 20 years in the Excavating and Concrete breaking in the Construction business, Leon envisioned a better way to cut precast piles and began to develop the first prototype. In the late 90's, Leon sold 2 cutters in Manitoba and now have sold over 80 cutters in North America including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala.  The Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter has become the leader in Cutting and Crushing Technology.


  • To provide every single piling contractor a safer, easier, more efficient method of cutting and exposing prestressed steel strands on precast piles.
  • To research, develop and market cutting edge technologies and to provide those technologies to the construction and demolition industries.
  • To treat each and every customer with fairness and respect, to allow open lines of communication and equal opportunity for everyone.

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"LBT Enterprises Ltd. / Prime Marine Services Inc. pledges to provide the very best in pile cutting and crushing equipment while maintaining a fair and equitable price in the marketplace. We further pledge to consign the very best materials and equipment available into our designs in order to reach the level of satisfaction our customers deserve."