Accessories enhance the abilities of the Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter and each is designed for unique situations.

1. Crushers:

   Crushers are used to expose the steel strands on precast piles. they are designed to penetrate the clear cover of the pile and crack the concrete on the inside of the cage without nicking or damaging the steel strands. Each set of crushers is custom tailored to the pile's geometry and engineering to ensure a perfect crush every time. Square and Octagon Crushers are available for the 16, 24, and 30" PCPC.

2. 2-Part Cradle:

   The 2 Part Cradle holds the pile cut off vertically during and after a shear. This allows safe operation of the cutter within the fall radius of the pile cutoff. It prevents damage to other piles and personal injury. 2 Part cradles are available for the 16, 24, and 30" PCPC.

3. Turntable:

   The Turntable allows a user to mount the 16", or 24" PCPC directly to the boom of an excavator. Precise control in horizontal and vertical positions, and easy transport around the construction site make the turntable a wise investment. Most excavators can be plumbed directly, see your supplier for details.

4. Waterjet Manifold:

   The Prime Waterjet System is designed to submerge the cutters below mud line. High pressure combined with high flow, churns and liquefies the seabed, allowing the cutter to sink under its own weight. The Waterjet System is currently available for the 16, 24, and 30" PCPC.