If you need proof of how good the Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter performs, look at these letters from our clients, praising the Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter and its abilities.

February 2,1998

LBT Enterprises, Ltd
245 Melnick Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3X 1V5

Attention:     Mr. Leon Trudeau, President

Subject:       16" Pile Cutter

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

Please be informed that the 16" Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter we purchased has performed beyond our expectation.We just completed cutting and crushing to expose the required strands for 800 each 16-1/2" octagonal piles in record time. The cutter works very well without difficulty and problems once the operator got the hang of it.

We had a situation where the piles did not reach the designed penetration depth and left about 20 to 30 feet of piles sticking out. We were able to cut the piles in lengths of 5 to  feet and dispose directly to the dump truck, thereby eliminating the use of a crane to hold the piles and the use of long bed end dumps. The client was pleased with the speed off our cutting operation and allowed them to have an early start with their structural excavation.

We are impressed with the performance of the equipment and are very happy that we purchased this equipment as part of our pile driving operation.

Black Construction Corporation