If you need proof of how good the Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter performs, look at these letters from our clients, praising the Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter and its abilities.


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Mobile, Alabama 36602
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November 18, 1996

LBT Enterprises, Ltd
245 Melnick Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3X 1V5

Attn:     Mr. Leon Trudeau, President

Re:       Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

We have recently completed the demolition of two bridges near Mobile, Alabama. Each bridge had approximately one hundred and thirty each 22" square concrete piles. These piles were reinforced with eight each No. 8 square reinforcing bars and were driven in 1928.

Each pile had to be cut two times, once under the pile cap, and once on the river bottom. The cap and the piles were then loaded onto a barge for disposal at a later timer.

We probably cut our demolition time on these two projects by thirty days.

We plan to use our pile crusher attachment on a job that we will begin in about thirty days. This job requires that 2' of prestressing strands be exposed at the top of all the piles for a tension connection to the footings.

By using our pile crusher, we will improve our efficiency and safety. There are approximately five hundred piles on this job.

We have been and are still very pleased with the performance of our Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter with crusher attachment.

very truly yours,

P.T. Hensley